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Most of the sets and pieces on this site come from my personal collection. Many have been on my display shelves for years. Most are a result of me "cherry picking" the best pieces from the many sets I have owned over roughly 20 years of active buying and selling. Some of these pieces are very rare.

Some sets may appear to be higher priced than some similar items on eBay and other auction sites, but you can rest assured I am attempting to describe these pieces to make sure there are no surprises. If there are repro parts on any of these sets, they will be prominently disclosed. In many cases, I also give you an opportunity to save money by substituting repro parts.

Money from the sales of these pieces are helping pay for two kids in college and other family needs. Please do not ask me to deal on them. Many are priced at what I paid for them originally.

It takes quite a while to clean, photograph, crop, post and describe each set. I can only do a dozen or so sets at a time, so please check back regularly for the newest additions.

Happy collecting,
Mike R. Jackson

Hartland Boxes For Sale

All Images and text on this site copyright Mike R. Jackson 1998-2018
Updated January 30, 2016
PLEASE NOTE: You will see this link scattered all across this web site. It tells you addresses, PayPal info, shipping fees, insurance fees, and contact information. There is no "cart", so you simply need to make a list, add it up, add shipping and insurance and send me a note or call to reserve a set or sets. I try to keep the site current, so if the set does not have Sold or On Hold next to it, it is almost always available.

Mike Jackson PO Box 7850 - 215 Crabtree Lane Jackson Hole, WY 83002
307-733-5456 E-MAIL

PayPal is Available, along with Check, Cashier's Check, and Money Orders

The photo above shows the boxes I had at one time. Most of the boxes are listed below.


Col. Mackenzie Box:
Crystal Palace box. Clean, tight, bright box with all flaps. Very hard to find!




Jim Hardie Box 1:
Crystal Palace box. Clean, tight, bright box with all flaps. Slight crease or wrinkle on the front. Slight tears on the top insert flap but not too visible when inserted.

New Listing.......$200



Jim Hardie Box 2:
Crystal Palace box. Clean, tight, bright box with all flaps Slight residue of tape on the top of the front face. There is a 2" tear on the hinge on the top of the back side. Otherwise, this is a very nice box.


Good to Excellent. New Listing....$175



Annie Oakley Box 1:
Considering this box is around 53 years old, it is in great shape! With that said, one top, side flap is partially ripped and just hanging on. The rest of the flaps are intact and firm. A couple of corners have been curled up. There are a few creases and dents. One side has a little ding on the T on Target.




Annie Oakley Box 2: SOLD CK:
This is the best of my three Oakley Boxes. Rigid and solid with only a couple of slight creases. There area a couple of small tears on the inside corner flaps. Displays well from either side.

Good.....$200 SOLD CK



Annie Oakley Box 3:
Very nice box overall. Not many creases or major flaws. The fold at the front edge has a 1.5" tear. Minimal bumps and frayed edges. This box has a price tag on the top that says National Stores $3.98.




General Custer Box: SOLD CK:
Clean, tight, bright box with all flaps. One end has a slight crease down it and very slight creases along the top on front and back.

Excellent......$200 SOLD CK



Jim Bowie Box:
The biggest flaw in this box is the missing flap from one of the bottom side, including about 1/2" of missing cardboard where the flap was torn off. It has a few creases and dings. The front side is nice and clean.

Fair to Good......$100



Cheyenne Box 1: SOLD CK
Clean, crisp, and rigid box with great color. Minimal light creases.

Excellent to Near Mint ...........New Listing $175 SOLD CK


Buffalo Bill Box 1:
One of the top side flaps is disconnected and is in the bottom of the box. There is a piece of masking tape along the top front. The rest of the tape apparently took off a little of the box when they pulled it off. It has a couple of creases and a few brown spots. Corners are bumped and frayed. The back side, or hinged side actually displays very well.

Fair to Good...........New Listing $125


Dale Evans Box 1:
Amazingly clean 50+ year old cardboard box! Bright, crips, rigid with all flaps intact. Almost no creases of any kind. Very small tear on top flap.

Excellent ...........New Listing $150


Roy Rogers Box 1:
Clean, crips box with few major flaws. Slight crease on front top. Slight bumps on the corners. All flaps firm and intact.

Excellent ...........New Listing $175


Bullet Box (BOX SOLD)

Bullet is in NM shape.
New Listing... $35



Wyatt Earp Box 1: On Hold:
This is a very nice box with good color and fairly crisp edges. Not perfect. There is a little piece of scotch tape along the bottom and a little residue of tape from earlier days on a couple of other places. Slight crease on the front. All flaps intact.

Good to Exc...........New Listing $100


Wyatt Earp Box 2:
All flaps intact. This is a bright, clean and rigid box. It has a fairly good bend at the bottom of the front side, but is flat on the back side. Both sides are the same, so it would be easy to put the back (hinged side) to the front. The top flap is slightly curled up on one end. The box has "3.98" written in pencil on the front.

Good to Exc...........New Listing $100


Wyatt Earp Box 3:
All flaps intact. This box is not as bright as some of the others. It has a bit of fraying on the corners and edges. It has a few creases. The top and bottom flaps both have "TOY 8.99" written with a grease pencil.

Fair to Good...........New Listing $75


Wyatt Earp Box 4:
All flaps intact. Nice box overall but has a few creases and a tear on the back hinge of the top roughly 4" long. Displays well from the front side.

Good ...........New Listing $80


Chief Thunderbird Box:
Thunderbird boxes are harder to find than you'd expect. This one isn't in great shape, unfortunately. It has taper marks, a few tears and some masking tape across the bottom. It has a few creases and bumps.

Fair ...........New Listing $100


Lone Ranger Box 1: On Hold
Crisp and rigid, colorful. Minimal creases. Slight tear on one flap on the top but only about 3/4" long. Someone wrote "Matador" on the top flap with an ink pen.

Excellent ...........New Listing S175


Tonto Box 1:
This box displays fine, but it is a little rough. The top flap has been taped with fiber tape from the inside. One of the two end flaps is missing the other one is just hanging on. The inner bottom flaps are intace. There are a few creases on the front but clean on the back. Frayed and bumped corners.

Good ...........New Listing $150


Stevens Roy Rogers Empty Boxes:
Back when Stevens was still making sets, I purchased four extra boxes of each for Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. ...................
$40 ea (4 available)

Stevens Dale Evans Empty Boxes:
Back when Stevens was still making sets, I purchased four extra boxes of each for Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. ....................
$40 ea (4 available)

Repro Buffalo Bill Box:
Someone did a very nice job making this box. It is marked Reproduction on the underside of the top flap. Sturdy cardboard. In very nice shape.



Mike Jackson PO Box 7850 - 215 Crabtree Lane Jackson Hole, WY 83002
307-733-5456 E-MAIL
All Images and text on this site copyright Mike R. Jackson 1998-2018